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  • 게시일 2023. 03. 29.
  • "That’s Not How This Works (feat. Dan + Shay)" out now! Download/stream: charlieputh.lnk.to/ThatsNotHo...
    New album 'CHARLIE' out now! Download/stream: charlieputh.lnk.to/CHARLIEID
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댓글 • 6 805

  • @crowndu

    just so in love with this song

  • @DamSound16

    Both Charlie and Sabrina’s performances in the short film blew me away. And not to mention this heavenly song. I’m truly lost for words. This song has been out 20 hours and I already know all the lyrics. This song better win you a Grammy. You NEED a Grammy!!

  • @NightVibes685

    Charlie Puth is not just a singer, it's an emotion ❤💫

  • @midnighttheumbreon8857

    Im a huge Dan + Shay fan. And I’m surprised nobody is commenting about them! Been their fan before they became huge in country. I never thought Charlie would make it big enough on social media with his music to collab with huge stars who are from totally separate genres. You guys sound AMAZING together! I love this! Dan + Shay making a song with Charlie Puth is something I never expected!

  • @AmritSama
    @AmritSama  +344

    Charlie's voice is nothing but purely magic. The best singer I came across. Been a fan for 8 years 🤝

  • @rumahcantikinspira


  • @stevenvalencia3912

    As a long time fan of sabrina carpenter, I'm so happy that she's getting the recognition that she deserves

  • @savage_love914

    This is exactly how it feels when the good memories with that person come back and you try to fight them but they keep playing in your head. I’ve never had a music video give me chills like this one💗

  • @ciaralynn9082

    OMG!! CAN WE GET A WHOLE ALBUM OF CHARLIE PUTH AND DAN+SHAY???? This song was perfection. Love all 3 of them. And Sabrina Carpenter looked stunning as always. ❤

  • @rivaviviennep

    Love how this song is so relatable and the music feels nostalgic. Thanks for the amazing song, Charlie!

  • @christiebyrom4658

    Just heard this song today..man what a treat Charlie and Dan + Shay.. can't get enough of it!! Probably listened so far to this about 70 times and the day is not over.. great job😊❤

  • @namra11a
    @namra11a 15 시간 전

    Your music is amazing!

  • @joon7376
    @joon7376 14 시간 전 +4

    Pure genius of music. I can't say any words for him but this

  • @mayasmusic1763

    This is so good! I really love the chord changes. It's really catchy and has been in my head this whole week

  • @kolinski485

    Make more songs like this. These are really chill songs, and I'd like to see you, Dan, and Shay make more songs.

  • @pragcworld

    The fact that both their voices and so many similar characteristics!! Both of them can switch their pitch and tone flawlessly!!! Absolutely adore them

  • @betaazannatunnuroh6680

    Thank you Charlie, I really like this new song. Since it was first released until now, every day I always listen to it. One day maybe more than ten times I played this song. Always success Charlie. Waiting for the next songs.

  • @oliviaceran4904

    I've had this song on repeat everyday since it came up, I'm addicted to it!! The lyrics the melody, everything about it is beautiful and I will happily kept listening to it everyday until i get sick of it, which won't be for a while!!

  • @proval21
    @proval21 4 시간 전

    What a great collaboration!!!! I’m lovin’ it❤❤❤❤